Welcome to Shakara

Welcome to Shakara
In keeping with the traditional African teachings of our parents, we would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and take this opportunity to properly introduce ourselves.
Shakara started as a solution. Among today’s biggest and most renowned brands, there is an unmistakable lack of representation of African fashion on a global stage and we wanted to fill that void. Bringing African fashion to a global audience. That was our sole objective. We wanted to shed light on distinct African styles, fabrics and looks that we were accustomed to growing up. That was how the journey began.
As Shakara grew, the brand took on a life of its own. It evolved beyond solely bringing African fashion to the forefront. It quickly became obvious that Shakara was always intended to be bigger than a clothing company. Our vision is to be recognized as the main destination for the celebration of ALL things African. Music, food, dance, art. These components of African culture and African lifestyle work in concert to illustrate all that the continent has to offer; this section of the website is meant to be an informative space on said components. Our desire is to highlight black excellence in all its forms, and we will be releasing a series of posts on black excellence where we will highlight the stories and work of black men and women in various fields.
Feel free to shoot us an email with feedback of any kind whether it be related to our blog content or our clothing. Getting to know each other is fundamental to what we are trying to accomplish. Let’s learn and grow together. Welcome to Shakara.

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