Product Care is Important

Product Care is Important

So you’ve worn your Shakara outfit once or twice, you’ve gotten a bunch of compliments on how amazing it looks on you, you’ve tagged us in a few pictures that you’ve put up on the gram that have generated a solid amount of likes and comments, and of course, we’ve re-posted you and shouted you out. But now, you’re wondering how to keep your Shakara clothing looking fresh. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are a few simple options you could choose from:


Cleaning your Garments Properly:

 1) Hand wash

The best way to clean your Shakara clothes, and preserve them for long term use, is to hand wash them in cold or lukewarm water. As you’re washing, do not be too rough with the fabric. Use a brush to help you scrub if necessary. 

 2) If you prefer to use a washing machine, it is highly recommended that you wash in cold water on the gentle cycle only. Do not let soak in the washing machine.

 3) If you don’t trust yourself with options 1 or 2 and prefer a more bulletproof solution, you can bring your clothes to the dry cleaners and advise them that the garments are delicate.


Drying your Garments Properly:

If you’ve opted to hand or machine wash your clothes, hang them to dry or lay them down flat on a drying rack. 

Unless your actively looking to damage your clothes, avoid the dryer at all costs!! 

Our recommended option to remove creases would be to use a steamer. This really should be your go to method all the time. If the only thing you have access to is an iron, always iron the garment on the inside (by flipping the clothes inside out). Just make sure to use one of the lower settings!

We hope this helps!

The Shakara Team

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