Meet Our Models - M'Balou

Meet Our Models - M'Balou

Models don’t always get the amount of love and credit they deserve. An item of clothing could look amazing hanging up in your closet but chances are, you bought that shirt or dress or the entire outfit because of how it was modeled, whether by yourself (shout out to fitting rooms) or that person who was hired to give the outfit some life.

We are dedicating this segment to the models who so generously lent us their time and good vibes to bring our pieces to life. You'll get a peak into who they are and their interests as they relate to African fashion. So, without further ado, we introduce to you, M'Balou.


1) What’s your background (where are you originally from)?
I’m originally from Guinea.
2) When was the last time you been to your country, if at all?
It was in 2013! I know it’s been a while. I’m eager to go back after the pandemic.
3) Before being introduced to our brand, what was your experience with African print/traditional African clothing?
I remember my parents always made sure that when we went to Guinea, we would have clothing sown and I was introduced to it from an early age. I always loved the colors and different prints and watching women in their fits was so beautiful to me.
4) What attracts you to this type of clothing?

Investing and supporting black owned products is immensely important to me but it is also my upbringing that makes it that much more special.

5) If you had to pick just 1 favorite piece from the Shakara stock thus far, which one would it be?

It would have to be every pair of pants on the site! The fits are amazing.

6) What are some places you could see yourself wearing Shakara?
Everywhere to be honest. I like how there are multiple options and pieces and you can mix and match with what you have on hand. From business to casual environments, it will do you no wrong!
7) What’s one thing you want everyone reading right now to take away about you aside from your love for Shakara?
I say looking good and feeling good are more important than you think. If you’re wearing something you’re comfortable in and you feel confident, you can take on whatever you set your mind to.
And that's exactly what we aim to accomplish with every style @mbaloucc! Keep slaying queen! 

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