Meet Our Models - Hariel

Meet Our Models - Hariel

Models don’t always get the amount of love and credit they deserve. An item of clothing could look amazing hanging up in your closet but chances are, you bought that shirt or dress or the entire outfit because of how it was modeled, whether by yourself (shout out to fitting rooms) or that person who was hired to give the outfit some life.

We are dedicating this segment to the models who so generously lent us their time and good vibes to bring our pieces to life. You'll get a peak into who they are and their interests as they relate to African fashion. So, without further ado, we introduce to you, Hariel.


1) What’s your background (where are you originally from)?

I was born in Port-Aux-Prince, Haiti

2) When was the last time you been to your country, if at all?

Last time was in 2018. I went to visit my father, he travels a lot and was finally back in Haiti. Before that it was in 2008.

3) Before being introduced to our brand, what was your experience with African print/traditional African clothing?

I would mostly see traditional African clothing on some people at special occasions. Most of the time, when I would express to someone that I was interested in rocking some of the things I would see, it was clear that there was no specific store I could go to as the answer was often “ I’ll ask my mother/aunt/uncle next time they go back home”.

4) What attracts you to this type of clothing? Colours? Styles? Patterns? Supporting African/black owned products?

All of the above. I’m not gonna lie, the Black Panther movie made me realize how much power we really have if we support black owned products more. Plus I really be looking fly as F#@! in it and that’s facts.

5) If you had to pick just 1 favorite piece from the Shakara stock thus far, which one would it be?

The last piece I wore was it for me. It was subtle yet not so simple. Fabric was really nice, the fit sat perfectly on my shoulders and chest, the pants were comfortable and the yellow patterns worked well with the gold accessories I like to wear.

(Note from Team Shakara: this piece will be released soon).

6) What are some places you could see yourself wearing Shakara?

The full pieces would definitely work for any type of event worthy of me dressing up. When I go somewhere I like to have all eyes on me most of the time and if I can rock something no one has seen before it’s even better.

 7) How do you feel about the fact that you're a Haitian man representing a brand that is not part of your immediate heritage?

In our Haitian culture, we do have clothing similar to traditional African prints so it only feels natural to me when I rock Shakara pieces. Caribbeans and Africans often joke a lot about where the other is from but for me, it’s because, unconsciously, we were all raised to laugh at our misery in order to overcome our struggles.

8) How do you feel you might be perceived by the Haitian community?

 As a King in his natural element. A lion is a lion no matter where he was born.

 9) What’s one thing you want everyone reading right now to take away about you aside from your love for Shakara? 

I was told 2 things in life that struck to me to my core : 

“A goal without a plan is just a wish”


“A smart person will learn from their own mistakes, a wise person will learn from other people’s mistakes”

I’m just trying to make sure my legacy is one of a #ROYAL.

Luckily for you @pouchonh, we've got the swag to compliment you as you build your kingdom. And don't worry, we got little man too very soon! Go check out more shots of these two on the gram!

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