Meet Our Models - Amy

Meet Our Models - Amy

Models don’t always get the amount of love and credit they deserve. An item of clothing could look amazing hanging up in your closet but chances are, you bought that shirt or dress or the entire outfit because of how it was modeled, whether by yourself (shout out to fitting rooms) or that person who was hired to give the outfit some life.

We are dedicating this segment to the models who so generously lent us their time and good vibes to bring our pieces to life. You'll get a peak into who they are and their interests as they relate to African fashion. So, without further ado, we introduce to you, Amy.


1) What’s your background (where are you originally from)?

I am from the beautiful land of a thousand hills, Rwanda.

I have to say though, having had the wonderful opportunity to be born and live in other countries on the continent (South Africa, Burundi, Cameroon and Ivory Coast), it's safe to say that I am a true Pan African at heart.

2) When was the last time you been to your country, if at all?
I last visited Rwanda in 2015, way too long ago if you ask me. As soon as the world makes sense again I am on a flight back!
3) Before being introduced to our brand, what was your experience with African print/traditional African clothing?
From headwraps, to dresses, to carrying babies on my back with them, I grew up coddled in African clothing. They truly have been an important part of my experience with fashion and life in general.
4) What attracts you to this type of clothing?

Listen nobody shines brighter than an African in African clothing. From the colours, to the shapes, to the originality of the drip, what is there not to like?

5) If you had to pick just 1 favorite piece from the Shakara stock thus far, which one would it be?

The two piece I wore on my birthdaayyy! Such a beautiful, comfortable and sexy piece. Fit for the queen that I strive to be everyday!

6) What are some places you could see yourself wearing Shakara?

I believe the best part about the Shakara brand is their versatility. 

You could throw on a quick headwrap for a cute one two every day look, or step out in style in one of their pieces at a wedding; or even better, I can picture myself on stage, delivering BARS, just cloaked in their fabric.

7) What’s one thing you want everyone reading right now to take away about you aside from your love for Shakara?

My debut book, “Late Bloomer”, is now available for pre-order on 

(Listen if I don’t promote myself, who will? hahahaha)

Promote away Amy! We're here for all the BARS once our copies arrive! Pre-order the book and go let @amyiliza know about it!

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