Meet Our Models - Marc

Meet Our Models - Marc

Models don’t always get the amount of love and credit they deserve. An item of clothing could look amazing hanging up in your closet but chances are, you bought that shirt or dress or the entire outfit because of how it was modeled, whether by yourself (shout out to fitting rooms) or that person who was hired to give the outfit some life.

We are dedicating this segment to the models who so generously lent us their time and good vibes to bring our pieces to life. You'll get a peak into who they are and their interests as they relate to African fashion. So, without further ado, we introduce to you, Marc.


1) What’s your background (where are you originally from)?

I am originally from Haiti.

2) When was the last time you been to your country, if at all?

The last time I was in Haiti was in 2001.

3) Before being introduced to our brand, what was your experience with African print/traditional African clothing?

Before being introduced to Shakara, I always liked traditional African clothing, but I never thought I'd have one made-to-measure to my liking.

4) What attracts you to this type of clothing?

I am a great supporter of companies that have values aligned with my own and in addition to liking bright colors, I am someone who really likes things that standout, that are different.

5) If you had to pick just 1 favorite piece from the shakara stock thus far, which one would it be?

Definitely the Umar Kaftan.

6) What are some places you could see yourself wearing Shakara?

At any special event.

7) How do you feel about the fact that you're a Haitian man representing a brand that is not part of your immediate heritage?

I believe that by being a proud representative of Shakara, that it will help break down ethnic barriers.

8) How do you feel you might be perceived by the Haitian community?

I strongly believe that this will help open the eyes of my people and help make us one nation with less division when it comes to the varying opinions on this topic.

9) What’s one thing you want everyone reading right now to take away about you aside from your love for Shakara?

My life mission is to impact people’s lives with my actions on a daily basis and at the same time, help them accomplish great things.


Legacy talk! Keep that drive, that energy and determination @marky.bel, and thank you for your continued support! Go show some love to this young entrepreneur y'all!

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