From One Generation to the Next

From One Generation to the Next

As a black owned African fashion brand, we are focused on bringing authentic African styles to a global audience. When developing this new collection, the main question we were focused on answering was the following: how can we give back? We knew we wanted to create a fall themed collection, but it was important for us to deliver culturally significant products with a modern twist, while finding a way to uplift black communities. The Heritage Bombers are exactly that. 


Our Heritage Collection was inspired by our love for traditional African prints (being Africans ourselves) as well as our love for street style fashion. Both represent amazing elements of fashion shaped by black people. For us, this collection is aimed at celebrating and connecting aspects of black culture found on the continent and within the diaspora, ultimately fusing them into something truly unique! We passionately believe that societal divisions can be broken down through cultural exchange, and aim to normalize African aesthetics in mainstream culture.

The Jackets

Every Shakara Heritage Bomber Jacket is made to the highest ethical and environmental standards from start to finish. The jackets are made to be durable with high quality materials, but are fairly priced in accordance with market standards. They are also water resistant and come with quilted inner lining, a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe! Our prints are fun and vibrant, ultimately making it easy for you to style. As they are unisex, they are guaranteed to look great on anyone!

Uplifting Black Communities

This is more than a business for us. The way we see it, if we aren't finding ways to give back and elevate black communities, why are we even in this business to begin with? That is why we are donating a portion of every sale to the Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI), a Nigerian Charity focused on improving the lives of the youths in communities where our prints originate. In doing so, we are hoping to help provide them with opportunities for brighter futures, and hopefully eventually become a space where they can share their stories at some point in the future.

Make sure to send us pictures and feedback as we always love to hear from our #Shakara Family! We hope you love these bombers are much as we do!

Team Shakara

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